Saturday, January 17, 2009

An update for mo...

Recently saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. The movie has gotten mixed reviews from my most trusted critics, my friends. One of our common disagreements regarding the film was about the love story, and whether is was truly necessary. I said no, others said yes. The idea of aging backwards, starting as an old man and ending as a baby has it's appeal, but would it be truly ideal? To be young and have people's expectations of you be greater because of your appearance? Or to age the "old-fashioned" way have people expect little of you when you are young and have the expectations get greater as time goes on?

I think one point of the movie is that there is alot that "youth" can do, but because of their size, stature and appearnce is not considered. Is age really a factor if you are capable of doing everything like people around you? Maybe not. This idea I found fascinating considering that as a young blonde woman my appearance as hindered in me in some situations.

Based on a short story by, one I have not read, so there is no expert opinion here, I am interested to learn what I take after reading the inspiration. Maybe the concept is completely from the one that I have created, unfortunately I may never know. Need to get myself to read it first, report back later.

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