Saturday, August 8, 2009

Damn Urban Outfitters Sale!

As I mentioned in my previous nail polish post (wow I am dull) and talked about the pretty lavender/lilac nail polish from L.A. Nail Color, so I went to Urban Outfitters to see if I could make a happy discovery. OF COURSE...they are having a HUGE sale!!! Not only did they have a giant display of a rainbow of colors, all adorably named, Grey 1, Purple 2, Blue 1, etc. At $5 they weren't bad and were sporting some graphic packaging, so I thought 'lets get a nice seafoam' (another fav color aside from grey).

Well I can't go to Urban without have to explore their new merchandise and dig into their sale. I use the word dig since their sale section has the same organization as a Walmart during Christmas Eve! After digging for about 30 minutes I find a Kimichi and Blue top I have been drooling over, but never bought, and a great graphic tank in baby blue. Thinking that I cleaned up pretty nicely and didnt' do TOO much damage my wonderful sales girl informs me of the nail polish sale...OH DAMN!

So after picking the the two hues above I go to check out, only to discover that I may (or may not) have met a long lost cousin! Wow Urban, always a delight and to Mr. Sushi now, promise more interesting posts to come.

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