Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nail Polish Trial

In an attempt to add some color to my monochromatic wardrobe, ask my friends gray is my favorite color, I have started painting my nails. I know it sounds mundane, but I have been going for some pretty "none me" colors including:

Revlon: Craving Coral
Sally Hansen: Lightening
Sally Hansen: Purple Potion

Last week I tested out Craving Coral, sorry no pictures, and it actually perked up my day. This week I decided to get WILD and try Lightening. It's brighter than the mid-day's sun in the Caribbean!! I must say that it's growing on me. I am disappointed to say that I have not been able to track down my favorite color, L.A. Color that is a beautiful lavender. Next week is Purple Potion. 

I don't flatter myself in thinking that people are just dying to know about my nail color, but ladies let's face's fun! Really there is no other reason, other than I am approaching a quarter life crisis and I sadly realize there will be a day that nail polish must be in old lady mauve *tear

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