Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Old Denim Debate! OH MY

Last Sunday I was sitting at my friends apartment and I asked the question I never thought I would ask..."What do you think about denim dresses?" Her response was just what I was afraid of "Well you have to be able to pull it off and it can't look tacky."

OH, the great denim debate. Denim is awesome, I live in denim, I could wear jeans 24/7 if I a denim dress what could go wrong? Well first off, I wore denim dresses when I was 12, so feeling sexy in a denim dress is pretty creepy. Second, well it screams Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell. I don't have feathered bangs and I plan to keep it that.

So to help with my personal dilemma I went to the internet to find the people who have done it are a few of my favorite denim examples...but some walk a thin line.
1. Rihanna goes for strapless and a funky hat. Now I can't see myself walking down the streets of Columbus (soon to be Philadelphia) in this, but I appreciate her style. 2. Anne Hathaway sports a scarf with her dress. I may not be a fan of that, but the casual dress is a great alternative to a jersey dress that can look like your nightgown (I am not from the 50's but I said nightgown). 3. Mischa Barton always seems to walk a fine line between extremely trendy and wtf?! What I do love is the mix of denim patterns, the a-line skirt and the belt breaks up the look. Okay so celebrities can pull it off, so I will give it a try. I found two options...first from Free People which means it's gorgeous but a bit pricy....last I went to the fashion budget friendly Forever XXI to get an alternative. Let you know if I take the plunge and give it a try!

The one on the left is Free People (sorry for the poor quality but check out Free People's amazing website) and second is Forever XXI.

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