Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Week, Day 3

OKAY! This was a very encouraging group of shows. Special shout outs to Lacoste (never really thought I would say that), Adam and Vivenne Tam. Okay so here we go.

First I wanted to say something about a makeup trend (very Twiggy-like eye makeup) eyelashes. Looks like the 60's London Mod scene has returned in the form of thick, exaggerated lashes...go out and start stocking up on false lashes, eyeliner and mascara!

*fun fact* Edie Sedgwick would use black paint to achieve this look!

HAREM, HAREM, HAREM and this time there is even some denim. This look is really growing on me in a Diane Keaton sort of way...ladies just watch out for a neurotic New Yorker who talks to himself.

Okay now to contrast this whole 70's casual chic moment lets move on to the modern Mad Men look. Nostalgic with a bit of a rocker edge (i.e. denim structured dresses)

And finally PATTERNS, everything has seemed more monochromatic but here's some burst of busy. Also two looks taking Fall trends into the Spring...loving sequins.

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