Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Classics Vs. Fads

It is a well known fact in retail that during a recession (or times of great economic stress) that people stock up on basics and start wearing the classics. Kelly Cutrone called this "the fashion kiss of death" on The City last night. I however have always been a fan of the classics and when faced with a homework assignment of five fads and five classics I was excited to point to my favorite classics, and my not so favorite fads.

What are your favorite classics?? Favorite fads you wish were classics??


Anonymous said...

My Favorite classics:
Borrowing my old roommates clothes.

My Not so Favorite Trends:
Anything 80's

taliecash said...

The only thing 80's I could get on board with are slap bracelets. Please oh please ignore the safety issues. Thanks.