Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Week For Art

Saturday I spent about two hours of my night (it was sub arctic out) watching Encounters At The End of the World...about...Antarctica. Silly to spend a freezing night in watching a documentary on possibly the coldest spot in the world. What struck me most about these people spending their summers at the end of the world was the beautiful images from the divers (diving in -2 degree CELCIUS water) are a few. Offered on Netflix's watch instantly it's worth a cool!

This Tuesday I enjoyed a day off by going to the Philadelphia Art Museum to see the exhibit (currently up for 4 more days...sorry) on Arshile Gorky. Not only was it creepy to see his decent into a deep and dark depression, but it was interesting to see the natural progression an artist will do through with his media, concepts and subject matter. Here are a few images to show his progression...

Finally tomorrow I will braving the cold harsh New York weather to visit the Brooklyn Museum of Art to view Who Shot Rock and Roll...images to follow...can't pick my favorites just yet!

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