Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo Phun

I have been wrestling with the idea of creating a photo diary of my time in Philly for the past few months. The idea is that this would be the a great way to test new techniques, methods, cameras, post-production, etc. During a time that many like to call "transitional" I am trying to hold on to my creative side.

This technique is a way to take digital photographs and turn them into Lomo replicas...or...control the uncontrollable. 

Whether you love or hate digital photography I hope you enjoy!

Photo is copyright nataliewarren 2010


Stabes said...

so first comment on my cousins blog. sorry, it's late, and i dont feel like doing my work now, but is that out our window?

taliecash said...

Actually it's meg's apt from when she signed her lease a little over a year ago.