Monday, September 6, 2010


So for the two people who probably read this, well I have been M.I.A lately. Not only did I move into a new apartment with the man of my dreams, but also a new internship. Sadly the apartment came without internet connection and finals are soon I will be updating more frequently.

Another activity I have been up to is the reading of three fashion magazines. 

1. Nylon: August 2010
   -dedicated to denim, I suggest this issue to anyone looking for great music coverage, information on the newest brands and some great blogs to follow...well aside from me

2. W Magazine: September 2010
    -while the cover focuses on the new "it" girls, something I always wondered how they calculated, but it also focuses on the who, what, when, where of fashion. New travel hot spots, up and coming designers, and my favorite, trends. 

3. Elle Magazine: September 2010
    -by far my favorite of all the magazines I picked up for my weekend flight to Ohio. Cover Girl Julia Roberts takes part in a three part spread based on her hit movie, about the hit book, Eat Pray Love. Also photo spreads that feature movie themes, like Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber in The Graduate, are totally worth flipping through. I think I have become an Elle convert, sorry Vogue.

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