Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All the pretty necklaces...

 I was really excited this Christmas to have receive some amazing necklaces, one I received from myself but hey still counts. I tend to be more subdued in my apparel, but I let my accessories shine. Here are three of my favorite pieces I got this holiday...one may even look familiar!

Pamela Love
Left- Canoe Crafts, Right - Need Supply
I was very surprised on Christmas morning when I received this gorgeous Chevron Rope Arrow Necklace from Pamela Love and the protective Scarab from the BF. Pamela Love is an amazing jewelry designer whose Gothic pieces always feel iconic. Ever since I was little I have loved the Scarab, huge in the 30's due to the discovery of King Tut's tomb, these pieces always make me feel like Cleopatra. The crystal necklace is one I picked up at a trunk show for Canoe Crafts at one of my favorite eco-boutiques in Philadelphia. Arcadia has a great collection of merchandise, and I always feel like I unearthed a great find every time I go. I love the way the designer, Chelsea Pearce hung the necklace, and the colors are just breathtaking. Little detail pieces like this always make me smile. Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday!

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