Monday, January 31, 2011

My Top Five Best Dressed at the SAGS

I love award season, it is essentially a fashion parade with little figurines given out. My favorite part would have to be the red carpet before hand, but really I could watch this on mute. Watching the beautiful creations walk the red carpet is my favorite, and critiquing everyone is fun too. So here they are my top five best dressed!

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen

Hailee Steinfeld in Prada

Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton

Jennifer Lawerence in Oscar De La Renta

Rosario Dawson in J. Mendel
1. Mila Kunis is my favorite of these five lovely ladies. First off she's beautiful and this dress left me speechless when I first saw it. The fabric itself is phenomenal, the whole night I wanted her to do a great big twirl so I could see all the detail. The shape was romantic and sexy, it was flawless.

2. Hailee Steinfeld is going to be someone to watch at the Oscars. Her choices for her appearances for True Grit are fantastic. Not only is this dress on the nose for the 14 year old, but it fits perfectly. She looks young and not like she's trying to be 20. I think its hard for the young girls to dress for these events and she does a remarkable job!

3. All I have to say is I hope this look gets some love. This collection from Louis Vuitton is one of my favorites and I have been dieing for their to be more red carpet moments. Jennifer Lawerence also wore in at the Globes, and it was amazing. 

4. Some may think I am crazy, but let me start by saying it's all about the dress. Her hair and makeup were a disconnect for me with the dress, but that color is so bright and rich! I didn't hate the bow, it is so Oscar. I give this girl props for going bold at her first award show.

5. Rosario Dawson's look to me was like a perfect Spring afternoon. The color was light, here jewelry was adorable and her hair was so on trend. She was a presenter and just dressed the part of beautiful girl at award show, she didn't try to show up the nominees. It was just one word: lovely.

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