Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dreaming of home...

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 I am in the process the process of moving and am obsessed with the idea of making this my ideal home. More on the move to come...but here is some inspiration for my man and mine's new space!!

1. Neutral furniture with pops of pattern and color

2. I am always struggling with how to display/store my jewelry. I am currently using brass twigs, but am in love with using various empty frames in an interior.

3. Bringing the outside in with clay pots. Unfortunately the current heat wave, combined with no central air, I have had trouble keeping plants alive. I am hoping that in a more controlled environment I will do okay.

4. Greenery is supposed to be good for the flow of energy in a space (I am aware how that sounds) and I really believe it works. Wanting to bring in hanging terrariums with the help of my expert urban gardener ;)

5. Finally I have the ability to have the outdoor space I always wanted...and a hammock.

6. Using polaroids for wall collages is a fun way to fill a space.

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