Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Last weekend Dan and I packed up the car, and settled the Nugget in for a six-hour scenic drive to Portland, Maine with a lunch stop in New Haven, Connecticut. We have been talking about taking this trip for a year-or-so and I was thrilled for a long weekend with my adorable little family.

First stop on our trip, to break up the long drive for a restless 10 month-old, we hit up Claire's in New Haven for some spectacular vegetarian fare. I was getting over a little stomach bug, but still my tempeh bacon was not to be messed with. 

Once we hit Portland the agenda was relaxing and eating, with a little more relaxing in between! Some of the highlights of our trip with the gorgeous East End with the Eastern Promenade, the most gorgeous views of the bay I have seen. We enjoyed some local noms, like Tandem Coffee, Hot Suppa and the Front Room. 

We rounded out of little excursion up the coast with a stop off in Westborough, Massachusetts to visits our friends and their adorable pup Stella Bean. This was nuggets first rendezvous with a little pup. It started off with lots of worried looks and scared toes, but by the end of the trip with had a "nice touch" down and I think I even saw a small hug!

All-in-all a successful little weekend, and a much needed breathe of fresh air from the hustle of Philadelphia.

Obviously the highlight of my trip involved the pup and baby...

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