Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three Things I Love This Week...

This week, I had to work pretty hard to figure out what the three things I loved were....but after a nice relaxing afternoon spent lying in the park I knew.

1. My friends. No, there is so specific one...although I was especially thrilled to spend Saturday evening with Court! I choose the collective group because whenever I get creatively psycho, charmingly awkward, Debbie downer, or just plain reflective they stick by me. This has been one of the most challenging, depressing, enlightening, fabulous, scary and rewarding years of my life. I realize that I am blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people, no matter how close or far, they are there for me. I know that I can never repay them for all the times they have listened to me rant, rave, cry, obsess, or just be me, but I also know I don't have to. So this week the number one thing that I love are my friends. Thanks to you all for being the people I can turn to in any situation.

2. Now for number two I did not get so sentimental. The second thing I love this week is Goodale Park. I sometimes forget how nice it is to sit under a tree, lie in the grass and stair up at the sky. Fun fact about the sky, thanks to ChaCha, the sky is blue because the molecules in the air reflect blue light. There goes that short attention span I was talking about. Across from us there was a family who were celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday. They sat on the rocks around the pond and took pictures, their little girl's name was Natalie, had matching chairs from Costco, and drank Diet Coke. For some reason this made me cherish my time in the park, and the fact that it's there. A beautiful escape from the monotony of our day to day routines. Goodale Park, this week I love you!

3. Finally, this week I love Moe. On Wednesday I went to see the jam band for the first time in over three years. I forgot how the stink of patchouli mixed with a night of great music can be so amazing. Opening with music from Star Wars, I was immediately ecstatic for the show to follow. Moe did not disappoint. For five dollars, I have not danced so much, sang so loud, or enjoyed myself more at the LC. Considering I went with my fellow jam-bander, who has recently revived her love for the jam, there could be no downside to the evening. Moe., Mo, James and the hundreds of other hippies, thanks for a great was long overdue.

All photo credits to Natalie Warren.

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Mo said...

Best show ever. That was one hell of a Moe. show. Thanks for being my Show pal. I don't know what I'd do without you!!! Maybe next time we'll see Plane Crash...