Saturday, August 9, 2008

Three T.V. Shows I Love This Week.....

This week I thought I would focus on the three T.V. shows I am pretty much obsessed with at the moment. Truthfully, I really only watch about 5 different shows, over and over, proved by my DVR's lack of diversity. But I like my bubble, so let's begin....

1. Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust, TLC Saturdays 11am/10am. This show focuses on the personal and professional life of famous knit bikini designer Ashley Paige. Not only is she an amazing designer, but she is a really sweet, obscure, crazy person. One particular episode begins with Ashley debuting her new line, thrown together in a remarkable two weeks, and becoming the toast of LA's Fashion Week, however, quickly the rug is pulled out from under her. In the midst of the media circus that is backstage, Ashley reminds us all that this is great, but she still can't pay her rent, and with out a manufacturer can't develop and sell the products she just presented. Later in the show Ashley's landlord reminds her that her rent is late, again, and she HAS to be on time. Ashley then has to go to boutiques and sell off her newly created, one-of-a-kind line, which like she says, is a nightmare for any designer.

What I love about this show is that it shows the reality and difficulty of the fashion business. It doesn't give you The Hills, bubble gum, portrayal of the whimsical fashion business where you can do nothing, screw up, and still be a star. Sorry girls, that's not the case. Ashley has an amazing talent, believes in her ability and fights to keep doing what she's doing because to her there's nothing else. Additionally to all the fashion mayhem, she is a non-profit dog rescuer, at the end of every fashion show she walks with one of her dogs down the runway. How could I not love this show, how inspiring to broadcast that even seemingly successful people have to work hard, strive for their dreams, and every now and then hit the ever popular rough patch. Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust, reminds me that anything worth having is worth working for and that it will be hard, difficult and at times painful. But also that given the choice, you would do it all again.

2. Gossip Girl, CW Mondays 8/7c. Quickly I will say this, I can tell you what the show is about but am too embarrassed to actually type the words.

However, the statement above is why I love the show, it's a dirty little secret. Ironically since the show is all about dirty little secrets, it somehow seems fitting. This show is not for everyone. If you are irritated by too wealthy teens, with too much time on their hands then I suggest changing the channel. But if growing up you loved 90210, Dawson's Creek, The OC or any other horrible (yet amazing) teen drama, then sit put, make popcorn and invite your friends overs. Personally the fashion and mere ridiculousness is what draws me in week after week, but I also love villains, which this show is full of! There's no deep meaning or connection to this show, just good 'ole fashion, filthy fun.

3. Sex and the City, On every channel at almost any time. Four single girls, narrated by a fun and curious newspaper sex columnist, basic plot. However what you get with this show is so much more. Based on the book by the original Carrie, Candace Bushnell, this show follows these women through romance, one-night stands, friendships, fashion, Manolo Blahniks, disasters, and even death. Really I feel silly putting the run down on here, if you don't know it climb out from under your rock and join the world!

My love for this show was renewed after re-reading the book. I must make a disclaimer, for those of you who feel that the television show is far to racy for your taste, do not open, go near or touch this book. Making the Carrie, Charolette, Samantha and Miranda (tv version) seem like preschoolers, this book is far more truthful and relatable for the average (or not) single girl. I had enjoyed the book when I read it before, and sure thought it was great, it launched my favorite show, but I felt the stories were far to extreme. BUT! Since becoming single recently I have decided that this woman was on the mark! Sure I don't go to Aspen to ski with movie stars, drink Tequila with Truman Capote, or smoke pot in bathrooms at hot nightclubs, but in the end the situation, the guy, the breakup, is the same. Ok, this has all been about the book, but if it wasn't for the show I would have never began reading Candace Bushnell's books, meeting her, or basically becoming a fanatic.

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