Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Not There

I apologize in advance the what is to follow. My vague attempt at dissecting what is I'm Not There, a movie, a vision, a trip, and hallucination. I am a lover of Bob Dylan and what I adore is more than music. It's the ability of a man to do what is in his mind, and go against what he was. Dylan went electric, and people felt he had changed and wasn't the same. Why be the same, why strive to remain where you are? Why not strike out an expand beyond your limitations that you have set for yourself. This is Dylan. This is I'm Not There. How do you explain who he is, was and will be? This explores the lives of Dylan. Great movie, Great portrayal by Cate Blanchett. Talk about an ironic of the most beautiful women in the world playing one of the worlds most beautiful and tragic songster. Folk music was the beginning, but how do you deal with being what you were originally against?

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