Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember today, 9/11.

Today is 9/11. I can not sit here, typing away on my computer and not mention the pink elephant in the room. 7 years ago today something happened so tragic that it still brings me to tears. To look at pictures of ground zero breaks my heart, but also reminds me of the great thing that happened afterwards. We came together. Putting aside our political affiliations, jobs, incomes, careers, race, religion, age, we were all the same...scared. I will never forget sitting in Calculus watching the news and feeling completely lost. Wanting to just hold everyone around me, know that no matter what happened I would be safe. 

I saw a picture, of McCain and Obama, visiting the 9/11 memorial site. It made me hopeful, that all the mudslinging and craziness aside we still can come together. Remember those that were lost, those that sacrificed and those that will forever remember becoming one for the greater good of our fellow man.

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