Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Fall '09 Forecast...

First I thought I would prep this post with GQ's male Fall '09 preveiw modeled by Ed Westwick (he's gorgeous)...

Okay so now on to the woman's preview with 3 ( lucky number) trends.

1. Floral, Floral, and oh yeah Floral!! Really this fall you need to own SOMETHING floral. The first choice would be a beautiful dress with fitted top and full skirt hitting about 3 or 4 inches above the knee. Goes perfectly from the late summer months to fall when topped with an edgy motorcycle jacket, tights and booties (haha love that word). If you are not feeling that girlie (or prints aren't your thing) you can go the floral route with your accessories. This fiftiesque print has made it into wallets, headbands, necklaces (probably my number one choice for an alternative), scarves, hand bags, etc. So if you don't have the cash or the balls (sorry ladies tough love) to go all out with this trend there are little ways to update ANY wardrobe while on a budget.

**Something I didn't mention was mixing florals with stripes. This floral skirt at the bottom of "the list" would be adorable with a thin striped black and white tank top or fitted tee**

2. Rich jewel tones (you don't need to be a queen to afford this look). Whether it's an
amethyst purse that pops, emerald top that shines atop your darker than dark skinny jeans or a sapphire skirt making a statement with black tights. There is something about these tones that make me think of Fall in the city, golden leafs and warm lattes.

3. The last I can say is LAYER!! It's the best Fall look to take your summer wardrobe into the fall and fight that odd temprature that's cold, but not cold and warm, but not warm. This is of course assuming that you are in an area with seasons...if not it's just a look. If you can some how pull sequin into this mix you are ready for the night! You have to use to your better judgement with this...soooo GOOD LUCK!

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