Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a lovely week of music!

Saturday and Monday I got to experience some great music with some pretty interesting companions!

Saturday was CD101's Summerfest consisting of some great acts: E
nvelope, Living Things, Company of Thieves (they have a wonderful energy and sound), Stellastar, Matt and Kim and Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears (sadly I missed this set since I faded about half way through Matt and Kim super synthed show). Here are some pictures from LC's pit (not intended to sound dirty, just happens) of me with my four lovely ladies I am leaving in a few short weeks.
HAHA! This cracks me up looks like a panoramic with myself in it twice! The show was another low dough masterpiece. Matt and Kim pumped up the crowd, even after a long technical delay! Stellastar was a wonderful show, getting to see My Coco with my Cocco.

On Monday was the much anticipated Modest Mouse show with Erica and Zack. I must say I like Modest Mouse (not sure if I am ready to use the big "L" word for them yet) but it was very bitter sweet to see them perform 'Ohio' and know I will be leaving t
hat very state in a small amount of time. Glad I got to say farewell with great live music. Here are some pictures from that adventure. (If you get a chance to see Modest Mouse be prepared for some magical lights but watch out for the bad ass twelve year olds)

**As a disclaimer I am aware that the lyrics to 'Ohio' are depressing and not complimentary**

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