Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fashion Week, Day 1

It's a little late, but I am finally settled into the new place and found a spot that allows for longer than five minutes of internet connection so here we go...
Fashion Week has been all anyone (ok not really but lots of people) have been talking about. I am going to go through each days shows to point out my favorites (trying to be positive) and talk about some themes...can you say Harem?
Here are my top three looks from Thursday's shows....
Geometric prints, patterns and shapes (with lovely colors to boot)

Casual (or more ready to wear friendly) was popular with very basic colors making it easy to mix and match, layer, and dress up OR down. Notice the pant shapes...looks like that's the look dejour!


Retro resort wear (also known as Christian from Clueless) made an appearance while some of Duckie Brown's pieces started to look a bit like International Male catalogs he knew the look and knew it well.

So there you go, my favs from Thursday at the tents. While I did not include everyone these are the looks that posses that certain punctum for me. I have to say my favorite is the gray harem pants with the teal silk top (I can see my self strutting my stuff through the square in that).

Not to ignore my devotion to The Hills I will mention Whitney Port's line WhitneyEve. I was not a huge fan of her fabric choices (they started to look like 50's upoholstrey fabric) but she had so great siloettes and structured pieces. I think the girl is fabulous but it was not my favorite.

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