Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The September Issue!

It's September so that means the September issues are here! With the release of the movie of The September Issue (check out the official website of the movie www.theseptemberissue.com it looks like a virtual issue) I thought I would check out what Vogue and my other fav mags had to offer.

For those you not familiar with the idea of the September Issue of Vogue it's essentially the fashion bible with the prediction of the trends, looks, and essentials for the coming year. 2007's was an impressive 4lbs!! Now I have been reading Vogue since I was 10 (crazy I know but I LOVE the magazine) so for about 15 years I have seen many September issues.

This year the looks was rich crimsons, subtle animals prints, structure and boots, booties and did I say boots?

I do keep my eye on many other media outlets, from blogs, other magazines, stores and my beautifully fashion forward friends. Nylon focused fashion flashbacks from some of televisions finest like Happy Day's Fonzie, my friends are loving gold chains as their bold accents and British vogue was talking about stream-lined slim necklaces.

I know it's recession time (hence why I just sat and the store reading only to make the Vogue purchase) but I suggest checking out these September Issues. If you are feeling like spending a few extra bucks check out British publications of your favorite magazines. The trends they report may be a little ahead of the states but there are always classic looks with an edgy splash.

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