Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi...Remember Me?

So...I have kind of been a dead beat blogger the past...six months. I have been toying with the idea of throwing in the towel all together, but then the boredom would win and no one likes that less than me! I got my internet and computer issues squared away, figured out my schedule, and can now enjoy much needed time at home!

This is my proposal, mostly to myself but who really cares who it's to...right?!

I will post 3 times a week, I love things in threes, and will be sure to maintain some consistency. See, this is where it all fell apart last time...

I will post my inspiration once a week, my Pinterest is flooding with all these images, ideas, editorials and I would love to make a mood board of sorts for them!

I WILL start posting outfit posts, I am extremely awkward in front of a camera so I will figure out a good solution so you don't have to sit and see me staring awkwardly into space.

Finally I will have a free space day...whether it's a shopping list, brands I love, music I am into, books I have read, movies I have seen, tutorial, or just rambling on...I will make a third post.

So...there you have it...I am here, I will be back, and I will get in the swing of things!



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